Matthew Johnson

Cell: +1 647 965 1425

Passionate game developer, iOS specialist, with a touch of OS X, Web, Windows and Android. I specialize in experimental development and prototyping new software solutions. I capably transform those early works into Enterprise-level production builds.


Mobile DeveloperMay 2013 - February 2014

Plastic Mobile

  • Developed and updated several iOS and Android apps for clients including Pizza Pizza, The Canadian Real Estate Association, and Air Miles.
  • Created a streamlined, updated version of from scratch.
  • Facilitated migration of existing apps to iOS 7 while continuing to support iOS 6.

Mobile DeveloperSept 2010 - April 2013


  • Developed several prototypes and apps for iOS across multiple industries, including games, ecommerce, and Big Pharma.
  • Projects included SayWhat?, a social multiplayer game, and Shopcaster, a mobile e-commerce app for small retailers.
  • Ported iOS apps to on Android, ensuring feature parity between the two platforms.
  • Clients also included Johnson & Johnson and Quest Diagnostics.

SpectreSept 2009 - Present

  • Official remake of the 1990 tank shooter.
  • Available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.
  • Built from scratch, supporting real-time multiplayer and OpenGL graphics.
  • Started as a personal project, but later obtained the IP rights.

Tech support/DeveloperOct 2009 - Sept 2010

Whitematter Development

  • Provided tech support for the Students' Union at the University of Alberta.
  • Managed users and diagnosed problems in a Mac OS X network.
  • Developed the online coursepack and student print job upload system for SUBprint in Javascript and PHP.

DeveloperMay 2008 - May 2009

Construction Engineering & Management, University of Alberta

  • Developed an extensible framework in C# as a replacement for Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS).
  • Converted and improved an existing DTS package used for data importing to be used for this framework. Over 30 SQL scripts were converted, optimized, and debugged.
  • Additional responsibilities included modifying and optimizing existing reports for productivity/management software.

DeveloperMay 2008

Computing Science Department, University of Alberta

  • BeeperBot: Software Engineering project used as a lab tool for introducing computing science concepts to new students.
    • Acted as team lead to design and develop the application.
    • Hired in May to complete additional features, test, and deploy.


  • Proficient: C/C++, C#, Obj-C, Java, SQL, HTML, Python


  • OS X, Xcode, UIKit, Cocoa, OpenGL, Apple Server Admin Tools
  • Linux, Eclipse, Android NDK, AWT/Swing
  • Windows, Visual Studio, XNA
  • GNU Toolchain, Git, SVN
  • jQuery

Other Software

  • 3DS Max, Blender, Adobe Creative Suite

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

B.Sc. Specialization, Computing Science (2004-2009)

Available on request.